Month: October 2016

October’s “Give Back” Winner! 10/25/16

morning-blend-july-2016-smallWith the arrival of fall, this season America First Credit Union is here to serve the community by giving back at various community events, including, Safe Street, a Halloween extravaganza! ! The locally owned and deeply rooted business will be launching their “Warm the Soles” program to help provide shoes to children in need.

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Find the Hero Within

1.John LundBy John B. Lund, President and Chief Executive Officer

What is a hero? Are they like characters we see in movies with supernatural skills, fancy gadgets, or special outfits?

As part of an internal initiative, we brought in a group of kids ranging in age from two to 10. We posed a series of questions to them regarding the concept of heroes and recorded their responses. The wisdom and honesty of children is inspiring. To follow are excerpts of our inquiries and their answers.

What is a hero to you? Someone who protects you. Someone who does good things and serves others, [who] helps people and is nice to them. Someone who is kind and generous. Fights bad guys and saves the day. A person [who] is there when you need them.

Why do we need heroes? [To] help people when they are down. To protects us. To help us live happily. To put fires out. Protect our city. To save the day. If you are sad, you need a shoulder to cry on.

How do you become a hero? Being nice to people and picking up trash. Protecting people. By cleaning up my brother’s room. By doing what’s right. By being friendly and nice. Helping my friends and keeping them safe. Telling the truth. Being a friend to those [who] need a friend. You don’t need super powers to be a hero, you just need to help people.

Who is a hero in your life? Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, military guys, firefighters, police, Jesus.

Why are they your heroes? They give me hugs. Helps me when having trials. Makes a bad day a better day. Taught me to swim. Protects [us] from bad stuff like smoking. They are kind, sweet and loving. Does the dishes. Helps me understand problems. Loves me. Stands up for what’s right. There for me all the time.

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Security Update: Maintaining Electronic Safety for all Seasons

Online security is important for your financial health, no matter the time of year. We’re here to provide you with some simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe during the busy fall months.

• Malicious greetings — Emails often invite recipients to click on a card, video, or animation. While some are harmless, cybercriminals can imbed viruses and spyware in them; open all file attachments and URLs with care.

• Phishing for friends — Social media is often where phishing attacks take place. Think twice about adding friends you don’t really know and never divulge personal data to anyone online.

• Devices gone missing — Annually, thousands of travelers will lose their laptops, smartphones & tablets during the coming months. Therefore, it’s wise never to leave a boarding gate, vehicle, or security checkpoint without taking a mental inventory of your electronics.

• Dangerous downloads — Always use common sense when downloading games, file-sharing tools, streaming clients, and other third-party apps. Deploy anti-virus software to detect malware.

For more information regarding how your credit union is working to guard your resources, please visit us here.

Donate to End Hunger

There are many of our family, friends & neighbors who go without adequate food every week and those who don’t know where they will get their next meals.

Thankfully, your generosity has always worked in opposition to this trend and we’re again asking you to ensure the Greater Good food drive is a lasting and successful tradition.

We’ll be accepting canned & non-perishable items — as well as other necessities, such as toothbrushes, diapers, soap and toilet paper — at our branches through Saturday, October 22.

You’ll be entered into a drawing for an Apple Watch for each contribution. And you’ll be making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate & the communities we share.

Click here to locate an office near you. Then stop by and donate. We appreciate your support.

*Drawing eligibility & conditions apply. Must be 18 years old to participate.

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