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Get a sweet treat from Fiiz & America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union is excited to continue their beloved Sweet Treat Fridays. They bring you delicious discounts on tasty treats on the last Friday of every month. This is only for AFCU members. You can follow their social media platforms or visit their website to learn more each month. This month America First Credit Union is teaming up with FiiZ Drinks for Sweet Treat Fridays.

On August 28th, the first 25 members per location can get one free drink by showing your America First Visa® debit/credit card at your local FiiZ. If you don’t make it in time for a free drink, members can still take get a free bump up in drink size all day when you use your AFCU Visa debit/credit card. Whether it’s your go-to FiiZ drink or you want to try something new, FiiZ has you covered with everything from sodas and desserts to fruit smoothies and salty snacks.

America First will continue to have its members covered with exclusive deals & discounts all year long. It’s their way of saying thanks for your membership. Check out their “Deals and Discounts” page online for more information.

America First Credit Union is also opening up a new branch in Vineyard. The 3,350 square-feet branch, located at 758 East Mill Road, Vineyard, UT, will be managed by Michelle Bohn, who has been part of the America First team for more than 27 years and has worked at 12 branch locations and is extremely excited to now be serving the Vineyard community.

To find out more about Sweet Treat Fridays or get more information about the new Vineyard location visit America First Credit Union now.


Free cupcakes with America First Credit Union

During what has been a hard time for most, a little something sweet can brighten your day.

There is a partnership and event happening on July 31st called Sweet Tooth Friday, between America First Credit Union and the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Orem, Utah.

With what is one of its many efforts, America First Credit Union often looks for opportunities to partner with other business in the community to offer deals to its members.

This Friday, America First members can come into the Sweet Tooth Fairy Orem location, show their America First Visa or Debit Card, and get a free cupcake. If they are out, you can still get a 15% discount on your order.

You can try America First’s signature cupcake: vanilla marble with cream filling, Sweet Tooth Fairy signature frosting, topped with a disc of the America First logo.

If you are not a member, go to or go to one of its locations across the state to find out how to join.


How America First Credit Union can help you financially

Nicole Cypers joined Good Things Utah to discuss some of the realities of the current economy and address some of the misconceptions about you and your money.

There’s been a rumor circulating that missed payments on mortgages won’t impact credit scores. Missed payments can still have an effect on your credit score, so make sure to get into contact with an America First Credit Union representative if you’re having any trouble making payments or expect a delay. If you encounter financial difficulties, they encourage you to contact an America First member service representative to discuss your specific situation.

As a service to their members during the current COVID-19 situation, they are offering up to two months of skipped payments and the standard $25 fee will be waived.

America First was one of the first financial institutions to implement online banking. Since that time, they’ve continuously improved their services in order to give their members fast access to their accounts. America First offers a variety of ways to manage your finances without having to visit a physical branch location.

America First Credit Union is committed to protecting our common physical and financial well-being. The health of their members and their employee team is their number one priority.

Visit America First for the latest information and updates.


Save Money with America First Credit Union

With technology flourishing, we are in an era where pretty much everything has gone digital, including your bank apps.

Nicole Cypers from America First is here today to tell you how you can save money by switching to their credit union. Right now, they have an offer through the end of February for a 3% balance transfer.

This allows you to transition all your debt to a Visa card and get up to 3% back, drawing your debt down. There are many other benefits, such as card customization, free Card Guard® mobile security, member perks and so much more!

For more information, visit:


The benefits of savings accounts for children

Nicole Cypers from America First Credit Union joined us to follow up on their 24th annual ‘Warm the Soles’ program. More than 1,800 pairs of gift-wrapped shoes were delivered to children in need throughout the month of December. The program was funded by America First member donations and their ‘Skip a Payment’ program.

America First Credit Union aims to help children not only through programs like ‘Warm the Soles’ but through promotions that benefit them as well. For only a few more days, when you open a new youth account for minors (17 and under), America First Credit Union will match up to $25 of the initial deposit.

When your children start saving young, you can help them learn and establish sound savings habits that will pay off. Youth savings accounts at America First Credit Union also have no annual fees or minimum-deposit levels, competitive dividends, flexible terms and free online access, making it the perfect starting account for a young individual.

Nicole explained that as an added benefit for all current, new and non-members, they will also be giving away ten $250 dedicated savings accounts for your child. For every $25 you deposit into your account, you will gain one entry for this drawing. They will randomly select the winners and complete the fulfillment by January 31.

Visit for more information and to find a branch near you.


How college students can get rewards for being financially responsible

Nicole Cypers from America First stopped by to help support college students as they head back to school.

According to Cypers, “education is very important at America First Credit Union, and we want to not only help you prepare financially while in college, but also welcome you back to school in style.”

That’s why, from August 17th to September 30th, new members attending participating universities: USU, WSU, UVU, DSU, SUU, U of U or BYU, will receive a game day t-shirt when they open a Savings and Checking with a free debit card, and download the America First mobile app.

But they’re not leaving out current student members! They can score a shirt by simply acquiring two of the following:
– Direct Deposit, Online Statements, download our mobile app and make a transfer, download Card Guard and register.

“We love supporting local universities, but even more we want to support students with local financial solutions customized to their needs,” says Cypers. “At America First we believe it is important to start developing healthy spending and saving habits early on. Many students are so young and are not aware of how dangerous debt can be, and we want to assist them and make sure they’re making the best decisions for their future.”

For more information head to The website offers handy college planning calculators to determine what you’ll need for college, how much you should save and what loan products from America First might be able to help you.


Tips to opening a bank account for your teen

Nicea visited America First Credit Union to help her daughter Natalie get set up with her first checking account!

It only takes 15 minutes to create an account. All you need is at least one dollar and a valid form of identification. If you want to create an account visit your local America First Credit Union Branch. To find a branch near you visit


How you fund your fun this summer

Nicole Cypers, from America First Credit Union joined us to help you FUND your FUN this summer!
If you’re thinking about getting something like a boat, RV or UTV for the entire family to enjoy, interest rates are still low and their quick and easy loan process can get you out there having fun in no time!

If you are wanting to enjoy some fun in the sun without the stress visit to get started on the loan process!


What parents need to know about opening a bank account kids

If you think your child is ready to take the next step from their piggy bank, to their own bank account, there are a couple things you need to know. 

Nicole Cypers from America First Credit Union joined us to explain the process and what parents need to know when opening up an account for their child. 

The process isn’t much different than what adults go through when they become a member at America First. Nicole explained that their youth savings accounts feature no annual fees or minimum-deposit levels, competitive dividends, flexible terms and free online access. They also provide youth funds cards along with a debit register to keep track of their spending or saving.

She said the key thing is to be a guide for your children and be part of the process. Make it fun for them to learn about managing their money.

Nicole explained that benefits and perks for their members and Visa or Debit card holders all over Utah and Nevada include Cupcake Friday and discounts to places like SeaQuest and Lagoon. Another partner is Megaplex Theaters where America First not only offers a Matinee Monday discount each week, but also runs a premiere night promotion as well.

The next premiere night contest just opened on their Facebook page for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Premiere night event takes place on Friday, May 25.

America First is also on the verge of another exciting contest to recognize mothers out there who deserve a fun afternoon off. Starting Wednesday, May 2, people can visit their Facebook page and enter nominations.

For more information visit and find them on Facebook: @americafirstfb.


The financial steps to take to start your business

Nicole Cypers from America First Credit Union answers another viewer question about finances today. 

“If I’m starting my own business, are there steps I need to take financially to get ready?”

First, congratulations on starting your own business. It’s certainly an exciting time and, although it can also be stressful, it doesn’t have to be.

First, I would recommend exploring your options for funding your business. It’s common that a new business may need financial support. Sometimes that can be accomplished by borrowing from friends and family or finding investors but a safe and secure option is to explore options for business loans with your financial institution. At America First we offer both commercial and small business loans. You want to look for something with competitive rates and flexible terms to meet your unique business needs. You might also benefit from a business line of credit or vehicle and equipment loans.

You’ll also want to set up a business bank account. This will be a key financial tool you use to manage your business finances. Keep in mind, you’ll need your business documents (formation documents, ownerships documents and/or business licenses in order) to open an account. Starting a business is hard enough which is why our business checking accounts are free and we also offer business remote deposit.

A business credit card may be beneficial as well. Not only does it help to keep track of your expenses, but it helps your business to establish its own credit identity. This may require some work on your end, in advance, to improve your own personal credit score but will serve you well in the end.

Again, opening a business can be a stressful time but it doesn’t have to be. At America First, our Business Services team helps you find the perfect solution based on your needs so you can stay focused on the success of your business.

Nicole also explains why now is a great time to refinance your home. The improving economy is a good thing but it also means interest rates are set to rise which makes now the perfect time to build, buy or refinance your home. 

If you’re ready to buy a home, they offer loans with little or no down payments and have options with no closing costs. They also  offer online consultations with no obligation. Plus, get a free review and get preapproved with no obligations. 

For more information call or visit