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America First Credit Union Now Accepting Utah and Arizona Mobile Drivers Licenses at All Branch Locations

Enabling Easier, Safer and More Secure Banking Transactions

SALT LAKE CITY – (Aug. 10, 2022) – America First Credit Union (AFCU),  GET Group North America and Utah Driver License Division (DLD) announced that AFCU will now accept Utah and Arizona mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) as a valid form of identification at all 121 America First Credit Union branch locations effectively immediately for all banking transactions.  As the fifth largest credit union in membership in the U.S., more than 930,000 AFCU members in Utah and Arizona will now be able to utilize mDLs to access their financial information. AFCU will be able to accept other states with mDLs as they become available. AFCU will utilize GET Mobile Verify to securely identify their members, conduct transactions, sign up new members, and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.

Utah has been one of the first states in the U.S. to pilot an mDL that is fully compliant with ISO 18013–5, the international standard that ensures global acceptance as a legal form of identification. Mobile driver’s licenses allow for information such as name or age to be confirmed contactlessly and unequivocally with a simple scan or tap — without the mobile phone ever changing hands. A person never has to show or hand over their phone.  ISO 18013-5 mDL eliminates the subjectivity of visually authenticating an ID document. By adhering to stringent standards, GET Group North America — the technology vendor for the Utah mDL program — and Utah DLD empower citizens with greater control over their personal data, enabling them to share only the information that is relevant to a specific transaction.

“We’re excited to see the mDL ecosystem – both in Utah and nationally – continuing to grow and we’re very pleased to have America First Credit Union as part of that growing environment,” said Alex Kambanis, Managing Director of GET Group North America. “We look forward to working with AFCU to support them with technology to securely and contactlessly confirm IDs for all banking transactions.”

“America First Credit Union is in the business of protecting our members and their financial futures. We are always looking to be at the forefront of technology and are excited about our partnership with GET Group North America. With members in mind, we continue to find new and effective ways to secure our member’s data to reduce any type of fraudulent activity,” said Jeremy Deamer, Manager of Branch Technology and Innovation. “The support and adoption of Mobile Drivers Licenses is one of many steps we continue to provide to our members for an additional layer of security and ease of mind for their futures.”

“Providing opportunities for more Utahns to use their mobile ID throughout the state has been a main focus for our team,” said Chris Caras, Director at the Utah Driver License Division. “Adding additional verifiers, like AFCU, allows mobile ID holders to complete transactions without compromising their personal information. We look forward to working with GET Group North America, AFCU, and additional businesses to offer contactless mobile ID transaction in communities statewide.”

Citizens are invited to enroll for their own mDL on Friday, August 19th from 11am-3pm at the Salt Lake City AFCU Metro Branch (455 East 500 South in Salt Lake City) or on Thursday, September 8th from 11am-3pm at the Ogden Main Branch (3650 Wall Avenue in Ogden). A valid Utah driver’s license is required for mDL registration.

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About GET Group North America

GET Group North America and its partners develop, manufacture, and implement end-to-end solutions for secure physical and mobile credentials that enable government agencies, motor vehicle departments, municipalities law enforcement organizations, and other entities to leverage the latest in secure identity management technologies. From photo ID cards, driver’s licenses, and passports, to mDLs and mIDs, GET Group NA delivers advanced issuance, verification and personalization capabilities that prevent fraud, accommodate diversified customer needs, and support the future of ID.




About America First Credit Union

Proudly celebrating 83 years of serving members and a long-standing history, America First Credit Union has become one of the largest, most stable, and most progressive credit unions in the country, and has remained a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative financial institution. Today, America First has 121 locations, and is the seventh largest credit union in assets in the United States with over $17 billion, and the fifth largest credit union in membership in America with more than 1.2 million members.



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America First donates $15K during DSD Child Spree Event

America First Charitable Foundation volunteers spent the morning of August 5th selecting clothes for approximately 400 at-risk youth during the annual Child Spree Event while donating $15,000 towards new pairs of shoes. Kohl’s joined forces with the Davis Education Foundation hosting the shopping spree at the Clinton, Layton, and Centerville locations.

Several volunteers arrived as early as 6 a.m. to get started, while numerous Kohl’s employees were there well before their regularly scheduled shifts to assist, making it a heart-warming success for everyone. While the children were not in attendance for the shopping, they did submit videos to inform the shopper what they like and to express their appreciation.

Mady Dawson, the Events Planning Manager at America First Credit Union, was emotionally touched by the experience. “I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the little girl that I was shopping for! She was adorable and it made the experience so special to be a part of. Every child should feel enthusiastic about the thought of going back to school and starting a new year. I’m so happy that she’ll be heading to school with cute clothes, and I was able to find her favorite shirt that she asked for!”

“Child Spree morning is one of our favorite events of the year,” said Jodi Lunt, Executive Director of Davis Education Foundation. “Our goal is to ensure that every child has the resources they need to succeed in school. When basic needs are met, these students can feel more comfortable and confident at school and gear their focus towards participating in the classroom. We are so grateful for community partners and volunteers who continue to make this initiative possible.”

Over $55,000 worth of school clothes were purchased to aid children who will need it for the upcoming school year. Anyone wanting to donate to the cause should visit

America First is Volunteering “For the Kids”

America First volunteers spent the morning of August 2nd packaging food for children that are in danger of being food insecure. For the Kids is a program that specializes in fighting against childhood hunger for students who are on the Federal Free Lunch program. Volunteers pack food together to keep kids’ stomachs and pantries full during the weekend. Kenzie Richardson, the

From left to right: Mckaylie Richins, Melissa Veltri, Mady Dawson, and Tony Parks

Operations Assistant at For the Kids, is thankful for the boost, “For The Kids is honored to make a difference in the local community with America First Credit Union through their America First Charitable Foundation. With their focus on helping to aid those in need, we have been able to make a real impact on local children struggling with food insecurities. We currently provide weekend meal kits to 400 kids, which would not be possible without socially conscious cooperatives like AFCU in our corner. We are grateful that AFCU believes in what we do, and we are inspired by all that they do in our communities.”

Program Director Paul Welsh understands how critical this program is for the emotional state of children. “Hunger can be a silent struggle and when volunteers want to step in and contribute to those fighting hunger, it gives so many people an emotional lift. We’re so appreciative of America First Credit Union for their monetary contributions obviously, but also for coming out to help us package items that will help so many children in need.”

For the Kids started back in 2012, when founder Minda Zoloth wanted to act on returning the favor after receiving valuable help from others at an early age while she was experiencing hardships. “I started out by simply wanting to feed as many kids as I could, and what has happened is that I found so many more people, just like me, that wanted to help. And together we not only feed hundreds of kids, but we are also giving these kids hope.” Minda said.

America First Charitable Foundation plans helping For the Kids with packing food and delivering it to various families. Mady Dawson is an Event Planning Specialist with America First and she understands that passion and empathy plays a vital role when positively impacting the community. “Putting the bags of food together was truly special and the enthusiasm of the organization’s staff made the experience even better,” she said.” “A simple donation does so much to help these kids in need, but being there in person, putting your name on the wall, seeing the smiles, and feeling the love at the facility gives you something that can’t be described.”

Anyone interested in donating to For the Kids can visit The cost is just $7 to feed one kid for an entire weekend.

America First Charitable Foundation & Young Automotive Group Team Up to Fight Hunger

America First Charitable Foundation joined forces with Young Automotive Group to put together 4,000 pantry packs for children currently fighting hunger. It was all part of the Young Caring for our Young 10,000 Pantry Pack Challenge.

Tami Olsen, the director for Young Caring for our Young, knows the importance of both organizations having a congruent mindset when it comes to giving back. “We are so grateful for our partnership with America First Credit Union. Their support allows us to make a huge difference in our community. Whether it’s helping us provide pantry packs to over 10,000 kids, supporting our Healthcare Heroes Campaign, or our KIND Fund, America First really steps up. Not only through financial support, but through their volunteer efforts, their Foundation, and the leadership. And their employees are top notch.”

Volunteers strategically laid out all items at 6 a.m., then carefully packaged food for teachers, who will distribute them to students to take home over the weekend. Due to one in six kids being food insecure, weekends and school breaks are challenging for those who don’t receive regular meals.

America First EVP Chief Strategic Engagement Officer, Tammy Gallegos has always carried a service-first mindset that has become core principle of the credit union. “We’re so proud to join Young Automotive in the fight against childhood hunger. We have an important responsibility in our communities to be a part of the solution and help children in need. I can’t thank Tami and her team at Young Automotive enough for the passion and love they’ve put into this.”

Fighting childhood hunger and helping children in need continues to be a major focus of America First Credit Union. The annual food drive takes place in September and October, our Backpack Bonanza provides school supplies to underprivileged children, and the Warm the Soles Program surprises kids with a new pair of shoes during the holidays.