America First is Volunteering “For the Kids”

America First volunteers spent the morning of August 2nd packaging food for children that are in danger of being food insecure. For the Kids is a program that specializes in fighting against childhood hunger for students who are on the Federal Free Lunch program. Volunteers pack food together to keep kids’ stomachs and pantries full during the weekend. Kenzie Richardson, the

From left to right: Mckaylie Richins, Melissa Veltri, Mady Dawson, and Tony Parks

Operations Assistant at For the Kids, is thankful for the boost, “For The Kids is honored to make a difference in the local community with America First Credit Union through their America First Charitable Foundation. With their focus on helping to aid those in need, we have been able to make a real impact on local children struggling with food insecurities. We currently provide weekend meal kits to 400 kids, which would not be possible without socially conscious cooperatives like AFCU in our corner. We are grateful that AFCU believes in what we do, and we are inspired by all that they do in our communities.”

Program Director Paul Welsh understands how critical this program is for the emotional state of children. “Hunger can be a silent struggle and when volunteers want to step in and contribute to those fighting hunger, it gives so many people an emotional lift. We’re so appreciative of America First Credit Union for their monetary contributions obviously, but also for coming out to help us package items that will help so many children in need.”

For the Kids started back in 2012, when founder Minda Zoloth wanted to act on returning the favor after receiving valuable help from others at an early age while she was experiencing hardships. “I started out by simply wanting to feed as many kids as I could, and what has happened is that I found so many more people, just like me, that wanted to help. And together we not only feed hundreds of kids, but we are also giving these kids hope.” Minda said.

America First Charitable Foundation plans helping For the Kids with packing food and delivering it to various families. Mady Dawson is an Event Planning Specialist with America First and she understands that passion and empathy plays a vital role when positively impacting the community. “Putting the bags of food together was truly special and the enthusiasm of the organization’s staff made the experience even better,” she said.” “A simple donation does so much to help these kids in need, but being there in person, putting your name on the wall, seeing the smiles, and feeling the love at the facility gives you something that can’t be described.”

Anyone interested in donating to For the Kids can visit The cost is just $7 to feed one kid for an entire weekend.