A Time of Gratitude & Giving

John Lund
John B Lund – President
By John B. Lund, President/Chief Executive Officer

Thanksgiving and Veterans Day fall in November, the same month my father was born. His passing was 10 years ago, and I miss and think of him often. As his birthdate approaches each year, however, I gain a greater awareness of Dad’s life and the example he set. He was fun-loving, with a terrific sense of humor, and always had a positive attitude.

What first comes to mind about my dad, though, is how hard he worked—no matter how small the task or how big the job was, it had to be done right, having learned this strong work ethic at such an early age. I remember him telling me about laboring from dawn to dusk during summers at his grandmother’s farm in Brigham City, Utah.

On Christmas Eve in 1941, when Dad was only 14, my grandfather died. This was certainly a time of considerable anxiety for the family; not only had their father and husband suffered an untimely death, Pearl Harbor had been attacked earlier that same month. These perilous events and sense of uncertainty prompted my dad to assume additional work and household responsibilities. My sweet grandmother never remarried and raised a large family on her own.

As a young boy, my father and I made weekly visits to my grandmother’s home to mow the lawn and assist with a host of other projects. In addition to Dad’s full-time job and all the service he contributed to relatives and neighbors, he often had multiple part-time jobs to provide for our family.

I truly have much for which I am thankful, including the many valuable life lessons taught by my dad. This is a special season, and I hope we can pause to look for the good in life, the good in each other, and appreciate those who have gone before us to protect our freedom and way of life.

We’re grateful to each of you for choosing and remaining loyal to America First Credit Union.  Our mission is to improve your financial well-being and we take this responsibility seriously. As a team of dedicated staff and volunteers, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We look forward to a lifetime relationship.