John Lund

America First Members Gather to Elect Volunteer Leadership

John LundBy John B. Lund, President and Chief Executive Officer

Each spring, America First members gather to elect a volunteer Board of Directors to lead our credit union, renew our bond, and honor our legacy as a not-for-profit cooperative. The Board provides us with strategic guidance, ensuring our ongoing safety, soundness, and ability to deliver relevant financial value.

The process takes place at the annual meeting, which this year was held on April 18, 2017 in Ogden, Utah. Joining us were local officials, as well as credit union & industry representatives.

Kenlon W. Reeve, acting Chair of the Board Election Nominations Committee, oversaw the balloting, during which the membership chose James G. Wendler, Linda K. Carver, and Gil A. Miller to serve three-year terms. The Board subsequently maintained internal leadership roles, with Mr. Wendler as Chairman, Mrs. Carver as Vice Chair, and Mr. Reeve having the Secretary position.

Mr. Miller, a certified public & forensic accountant from Salt Lake City, is new to our Board and we welcome him. He has extensive expertise and experience. I look forward to working with him and his fellow volunteers as we embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

I would also like to personally extend my deepest gratitude to long-serving Board member Edwin G. Cline for his remarkable 42 years of dedicated service to America First. Ed is a gentleman in every sense of the word, and has made a significant contribution to the success of our credit union. His dear sweetheart Linda is also an outstanding individual and a friend to America First, as well as all who know her. Ed and Linda will be missed, but not forgotten.

Those on the Board give tremendously of their time and talents, without compensation, to benefit the credit union. They are truly dedicated to improving the financial health of every member and we are fortunate they are part of our team.

Our Loan Review and Supervisory Committees are also comprised of volunteers delivering much-needed services to the membership. The Loan Review Committee functions as an independent appeals avenue for members initially denied financing. The Supervisory Committee works with internal and external auditors to ensure fiscal and regulatory safety & soundness.

During his Chairman’s message, Mr. Wendler noted how many companies, including financial institutions, limit themselves by not seeking better ways to better meet the needs of those they serve. “We at America First are fueled by imagination, the desire to grow responsibly, and the knowledge that the ability to move beyond existing realms is not only preferable but necessary in a changing world,†he said.

Indeed, it’s a privilege to report that the strength, stability, innovative spirit, commitment to fiscal discipline, and lasting qualities of America First are in abundance. We are well positioned for a vibrant future and I am proud to be part this credit union. Together, we strive every day to help you, our valued members, save money, simplify your busy lives, and reach your unique financial objectives. It is our desire to develop and maintain a lifelong relationship with you and you families.