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AFCU VP of Public Relations, Nicole Cypers Awards 90&9 with donation for $10,000.

America First Credit Union Donates $25,000 to Local Non-Profits

Riverdale, UT – November 26, 2019 – As part of its mission to enhance and improve local communities, America First Credit Union (AFCU) donated $25,000 to local nonprofits operating throughout Utah. The nonprofits included Operation Underground RailroadOgden Bicycle Collective and performing arts nonprofit, 90&9. In addition to a monetary donation, AFCU also donated 40 bikes, built by AFCU staff, to Ogden Bicycle Collective.

“All of these organizations have made a significant impact on our community here in Utah,” said Nicole Cypers, VP of Public Relations. “We are always looking for ways to improve the communities we live and work in, and these organizations work tirelessly to do just that.”

All three organizations have plans to put the donated funds to great use and make an impact within the community.

  • Operation Underground Railroad has slated the donation to be used to help its efforts to combat trafficking in Utah with the Utah Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force—a three-year relationship which resulted in 261 rescues and 197 arrests.
  • 90&9 will be using the $10,000 donation to host workshops for kids in treatment centers as well as youth in refugee camps. They’ll also be hosting workshops to prepare for its show “Fighter,” which will begin in March.
  • Ogden Bicycle Collective will use the donated bikes for their holiday bike giveaway. The money donated will be used to purchase bike parts and tools as well as bikes for adults to use to as transportation to and from work.

“Thanks to America First’s generosity, we are able to make our show, ‘Fighter,’ possible again,” said Darla Day, from 90&9. “Fighter,” a show written by Day and her husband, is a story of a phoenix rising from the ashes which helps facilitate conversations about mental health, depression and suicide in a hopeful way.

“There is power in the arts,” said Day. “Being able to express anger, depression, hurt and other heavy emotions through art is empowering. We’re trying to show kids there are healthy ways to deal with their anxieties and hardships, and it’s working. We can’t even begin to express our gratitude toward America First for their kindness and support in what we are trying to do for these kids.”


Bicycle Donation

Bicycle Donation

America First Credit Union Donates $25,000 to Local Non-Profits

America First Credit Union Donates $25,000 to Local Non-Profits


Proudly celebrating 80 years of servicing members and a long-standing history, America First has become one of the largest, most stable and most progressive credit unions in the country, and has remained a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative financial institution. Today, America First has 130 locations, and is the 9th largest credit union in assets in the United States with over $11.5 billion, and the sixth largest credit union in membership in America with more than 1,062,000 members.


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America First Credit Union

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10 Tips for Talking Finances with Your Partner

Almost everyone resolves to get in shape when a new year comes around, but your financial fitness is just as important. There’s no better time for talking finances with your partner — spouse, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even your live-in canine therapist — about it than now. So here are 10 tips to help your discussion:

  1. Set a Time
    It’s easy to put off these conversations, so mark your calendar and make it a priority. You can also pair it with something fun, like a dinner date. Use our free ABC Deals program to get some cash back for your purchase.
  2. Lose the Distractions
    Put away your smartphone, turn off the TV, and sit facing each other.
  3. Come Prepared
    Plan ahead and consider productive topics. You can even create a spreadsheet or draw a diagram.
  4. Use Effective Communication
    Reflective dialogue — acknowledging the other person’s feelings, displaying sensitivity, asking questions, and listening carefully to answers — is essential.
  5. Talk About the Personal Meaning of Money
    It’s important to understand what money means to your partner and how it reflects your own philosophy. Talk about saving, spending, and the importance of good credit.
  6. Set a Realistic Budget
    Look at your earnings and expenditures, then create a budget that works for both of you. You can use America First’s Money Manager to accomplish this task.
  7. Focus on Goals, Not Bills
    Talking about individual and shared financial goals, rather than bills, will get you both on the same page.
  8. Don’t Keep Secrets
    Being open and honest about your finances will lead to success.
  9. Take a Break
    Discussing money can be tense and, if things start getting argumentative, take a breather and come back when you’re ready.
  10. Involve the Experts
    America First Credit Union offers free recourses like financial counseling. If things become too overwhelming and you need an expert to guide you through your finances, we’re here to help.

At America First, we provide resources such as free online planning and budgeting programs, investment advisors, and free financial counseling. Take advantage of the assistance that’s available to you. And have a happy (financially fit) new year!

America First branch

America First Credit Union, Utah’s Largest Credit Union, Opens Traverse Mountain Branch Location

Riverdale, UTAH – Utah’s largest credit union, America First Credit Union, adds another service location in Utah Valley with the opening of its Traverse Mountain branch location in Harmons Grocery Store at 1750 Traverse Parkway, Lehi, Utah 84043. The location marks the sixth branch opening of 2016, with the most recent being West Point City on June 8. America First has 120 branch locations serving Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona.

Samuel Thompson will serve as branch manager of the Traverse Mountain location. Thompson began his tenure with America First in September 2011 and has served as assistant manager at the Orem branch since September 2014.

A grand opening celebration will be held the week of August 15 – 20. The Traverse Mountain branch is located at 1750 Traverse Parkway, Lehi, Utah 84043. Branch hours are Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

For more information, visit, America First Credit Union on Facebook, Twitter, @AmericaFirst on Instagram and Pinterest.