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Graduation Vacation Education: How to Spend Less on your Senior Trip

If you’re wanting to go on a senior trip, but you don’t have quite enough money for an exotic all-inclusive resort, here are some ways you can save some cash while still celebrating your graduation.

Plan it Out

Instead of going wherever the summer wind takes you, make a detailed plan of what you would like to do. This will help you create a budget and determine the most affordable vacation option. Additionally, doing research ahead of time will allow you to compare prices and find the best deals—cutting the cost of travel, food and entertainment.

Stay with Family

If you want to get away for your senior trip, visit a place where you’ve got close friends or family. Staying with relatives will help save you some money, and they can also be a guide to you about where to visit, what to eat, and must-have experiences while you’re there. Just make sure to be a polite house guest, otherwise you may not be invited back.

Be a Local Tourist

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the sights that are in our own backyard. Is there a place of interest within driving distance that you’ve always wanted to see? Is there a nearby tourist attraction that you’ve neglected to visit? Checking sites about your city or state can help you discover new experiences and local events you may not even know about. Seeing your home town from a different perspective can make it feel like a whole new world.

Go Camping

If you and your friends don’t mind going without some creature comforts, travel to the great outdoors for your senior trip. Camping is much cheaper than staying in a hotel, after all, and it can be fun to get away from everything for a while and enjoy nature. You can spend your days in the mountains hiking, swimming, fishing and relaxing in the open air, at little or no cost to you.

Build Your Savings

If you’re graduating this year, then this may be a little too late. However, you can still pass this advice along to your younger siblings: start putting money away as soon as you start getting a paycheck. It doesn’t have to be much, but save something. Building your savings will give you the financial freedom to do things, like have a fun senior trip, and still have money left over.