Handing out 10,000 dollars in scholarships, Karl Winsness earns High 5 award

High 5 - Handing out Scholarships

Nomination letter sent in by Judy Jefferies:

Aaron is our mailman. He is the most compassionate person that I have ever met. He serves numerous people on our street and the surrounding area. Many that he serves are older. My husband and I are over 70. I have severe back problems and he is disables and permanently in a wheelchair. If our garbage can looks full on Monday when he delivers our mail, Aaron takes it out to the street. When it is emptied the next day, if I have not brought it back in by the time he comes he brings it in. My next door neighbor is in a wheelchair and lives alone. Leaving her home is very difficult. She cannot take her small sacks of garbage out without pain. She will tie up a small grocery sack with garbage in it and set it outside her door so she can take it out to the can when she must leave the house for some other reason. When she finally leave the house the sack is gone because Aaron has come to deliver the mail and has put her garbage in the can already.

I personally know at least five or six other people living in the surrounding streets on Aaron’s route and he does these small but really special things for them too. He knows who lives in the houses where he takes mail and he knows those who have problems and is always looking for ways to ease their burdens. If anyone deserves a High 5 it is him.

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