Linda Carver

Linda Carver wears many different hats. She currently serves as the Assistant Superintendent of the Weber School District and has been the Director of Student Services and Principal of Canyon View School. Linda began her career as a special education teacher with Ogden City. In her role as superintendent, she provides direction, vision, and creative strategies for the district, as well as setting the organizational culture. As an educator, she has established several innovative programs and standards, including a high school curriculum for students at risk. Because of this initiative, hundreds of students who may have otherwise dropped out graduated from high school. Linda additionally started a work-based program for students with disabilities, providing opportunities to gain job-related and community skills. Once again, hundreds youths are now employed because of her insight and dedication.


Further, Linda gives countless hours to other entities. She is the first female to serve as Chair of the Board of Directors for America First Credit Union, overseeing policies and procedures. A company with over $5 billion in assets, America First has developed a culture of caring and professionalism under Linda’s leadership. She is also on the Board of the Children’s Justice Center, where she has served as Chair. Linda has had membership on the Board of Directors for the Northern Utah Academy of Math, Engineering and Science (NUAMES), a charter school, since its inception. She encourages those around her to reach for higher ground and has given numerous opportunities for others to pursue their dreams. She has hired many women, acting as a mentor for them in their occupational and volunteer positions. Linda offers financial, emotional and educational guidance to women in unique situations, walking them through difficult times and showing them pathways where they can be successful and self-sustaining.


If one has ever worked or served with Linda, his or her life has been enhanced. She cares deeply about all people and has pounded the pavement to find employment or educational opportunities for students and adults. She works diligently with government, religious and social organizations to provide necessary resources to assist others. She has a knack for networking and can pull out all the stops to obtain various means for others. In doing so, she never tries to bring attention to herself. Perhaps the most telling attribute about Linda is that she will never take credit for her efforts; she is the first person to give the accolades to others. In fact, those of us who have nominated her for this award worry she will put us on probation because she would rather see this recognition go to others. However, with that stated, we believe she is truly the most deserving. Linda is exemplary in every area of her life. She is a woman of the highest integrity, with the utmost in enthusiasm, motivation and compassion.