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Security Update: Keeping Kids Safe Online

Summer is in full swing and, although there are lots of outdoor activities going on, it’s also a season when children remain tethered to electronic devices. To follow are a couple of tips for keeping your kids cyber-secure.

• Many youngsters carry smartphones these days, which keep them connected to each other and able to reach their parents in emergencies. It’s wise to be knowledgeable about the apps your kids are using on these phones and make sure they are downloaded from reputable stores, with the proper privacy disclosures and settings.

• Apps sharing locations with friends and family can be useful, but take care with these programs and understand the risks generated by putting any personal information online. That’s especially good advice for young people.

• Be certain your phone and your kids’ phones have security measures installed and that they are lockable.

• Free tools such as Apple’s Find my iPhone and Android’s Device Manager can help you find a smartphone if it’s turned on — or wipe it clean if it’s lost.

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