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Security Update: Avoiding Seasonal Scams

The holidays are nearly here and while many of our thoughts turn to giving, online thieves are focused on how much they can take, with a host of schemes to rob us of our information, money & seasonal good cheer.

Here are a few tips to avoid becoming a victim during this time of year:

∙ Mobile SMS fraud — Sent via text, these messages contain dangerous links encouraging you to update or install an app, infecting your device with malware.

∙ Shopping schemes — Too-good-to-be true offers and steep discounts on must-have items may originate from phony sites. You could also encounter fake contests on social media designed to get your personal information or proliferate spyware.

∙ Traveling blues — If you’re planning a trip to visit family or going on a winter getaway, scammers know it. They’re hoping to catch you by offering you fraudulent travel deals or sending spam. Be on the lookout for these tactics.

∙ Dangerous greetings — When you get an electronic card, be careful before you click. Some of these contain viruses.

∙ Doing our part — Be sure to go here for updates regarding how we are constantly working to safeguard your resources.