Security Update: Don’t Let your Virtual Guard Down this Summer

Although many of us are more carefree and active during the summer season, we’re still constantly online. And every Internet connection your make—whether you’re shopping for some camping gear or using social media to connect with friends on the weekend, you’re vulnerable to cyberattacks. Follow these tips to help avoid problems:

 Create smart, strong passwords. Incorporate capital letters, numbers & symbols in your phrase that should be more than six characters long, such as: Go1dM!n3.

Email wisely. Be careful about what you provide in these messages. Never send your credit card information, Social Security number, or other private data via email.

 Same goes with IM. If you use instant messaging to communicate with friends and family, the same rules apply. And it’s always a good idea not to allow strangers in your IM groups.

 Shop safely. If you’re ordering from an online store, be sure the site is secure. At checkout, look for the web address to begin with https. Also, see if a tiny padlock symbol appears at the bottom right of the screen.

 Pay attention to your kids’ activities. Keep your home computer in a community area for easy monitoring. Use child software that is age-appropriate. Limit the time they spend online. Install and use parental controls.

And you can always click here to learn more about protecting your resources.