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Security Update: Protect yourself during Tax Season

Cybercriminals & their schemes, which seek to rob you of your resources, seem to proliferate during tax season.

The Internal Revenue Service is warning consumers that several threats have been reported across the country. Being aware of them and maintaining vigilance in protecting your personal data is always essential, no matter the time of year.

Here are some examples of recent scams:

  • Identity thieves sent phishing emails to tax preparation firms. The messages purported to come from a company human resources executive, requesting employees’ W-2s. Never provide your personal information to anyone but your trusted tax advisor if you hire someone to do your filing.
  • Taxpayers have been victimized over their returns. One instance involved a scammer submitting fraudulent refund claims using another person’s identifying information, which had been stolen. This caused considerable delays in refunds.
  • Cheats pose as IRS officials and request sensitive information via email or text. The IRS will never contact a taxpayer through these methods and ask for this data. Also, don’t click on any link or attachment in a suspicious email.

And here are some additional tips to help prevent being victimized:

∙Don’t carry your Social Security card or any documents with your number written on it.

∙Check your credit report at least every 12 months, if not more frequently.

∙Secure personal information in your home.

∙Protect your computers & devices with firewalls, anti-spam/virus software, and updated security patches.

∙Go to this link to learn how we are working to safeguard your finances.