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Security Update: Resolve to Protect yourself Electronically

National experts estimate that only eight percent of us kept our annual resolutions last year. However, there is one goal you can successfully achieve in 2016 and beyond — having a safe online presence.

Here are two simple & reliable steps you can take for higher virtual confidence:

Public Wi-Fi is indeed Public — Free public Wi-Fi is often where fraud perpetrators can pounce on your personal data once you connect to an open server. These networks aren’t secure, which means that anyone could potentially see what you are doing on your device. Vow to limit your activities on public Wi-Fi and avoid logging in to key sites.

Chores for your Digital Home — Almost 70 percent of American households have between one and five devices connected to the Internet — with 30 percent owning six or more. This certainly justifies simple but necessary routine maintenance. From updating software, to backing up valuable family photos and important documents, to keeping your machines clean and running efficiently, you can help ensure your family is safe.

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