Security Update: Safety for the Season

Protecting yourself online is important to maintain financial health, no matter where we are on the calendar. But as we look toward the holidays, it’s a good idea to be aware of & avoid these pitfalls.

  • Malicious messages: Emails from family and friends invite recipients to click on cards, videos, and animations. While some are harmless, cybercriminals can imbed viruses and spyware—open all attachments and URLs with care.
  • Phishing with friends: Many on social media will use the upcoming downtime to network. Unfortunately, these sites are often where phishing attacks take place. Think twice about adding those you don’t really know and never divulge personal data to anyone on the internet.
  • Where’s my phone: Thousands of travelers will lose their smartphones & laptops this year, so it’s wise not to leave a boarding gate, vehicle, or security checkpoint without taking a mental inventory of your electronics.
  • Downloading danger: Apply common sense when you get games, file-sharing tools, streaming services & other third-party apps. Deploy anti-virus software to detect malware.

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