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Security Update: Online Employment Scams are on the Rise

More and more, people are seeking employment online but some may be inadvertently placing themselves at risk of identity theft.

The FBI has investigated scams where criminals are searching job boards for personal information, particularly posted resumés with Social Security numbers and other details.

Here are some tips to help protect yourself:

•Don’t include your identifying data or physical address — simply list an email at which you can be reached.

•Never agree to wire a portion of a check or deposit back to a company representative who tells you this is required to be hired. Most times, the initial check or deposit is fraudulent and will be returned against your account, which means you’ll be liable for the entire amount.

•Be careful not to state your marital status, your mother’s maiden name, or your eye color.

•Don’t agree to a background check until you’ve been interviewed in person and you’re sure the organization is legitimate.

•It’s always a bad idea to set up payroll direct deposit before you’re hired.

•Reputable companies won’t ask you for your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or Online Banking password.

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