Six Powerful Financial Gems

In the Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War, a team of superheroes must try to stop the evil Thanos from finding and collecting the six infinity stones: space, mind, reality, power, time & soul. Each of these gems has a special power that gives the holder certain gifts. And if all the gems are combined on the Infinity Gauntlet, the wearer will be virtually unstoppable.

Therefore, in the spirit of comic book lore, here are six financial gems you can wield to gain ultimate power over your money.


In the comics, the Space stone allows the user to teleport themselves anywhere in the universe. In this article, the Space gem translates to being frugal in your travels. Pack some lunches on your next road trip instead of eating out. Visit tourist locations during their off-season. Use public transportation or split the cost of a rental car with your friends. Savvy travelers save money on the necessities so they can spend a little more on the fun stuff.


The Mind gem lets those in the Marvel universe access the thoughts of other people. In the financial realm, this gem refers to pondering purchases before making them. Impulse buying is a quick way to spend more than you have. Plan your grocery shopping list in advance and stick to it. Give yourself a waiting period for larger purchases. Your mental efforts will pay off in monetary rewards.


When Thanos uses the Reality stone, he can defy scientific laws and create alternate realities. In our world, this gem simply refers to being realistic with your finances. Don’t spend more than you have. Living within your means will give you a sense of freedom. Additionally, don’t plan a budget that sets you up for failure. Set realistic goals and keep them on the forefront of your mind to ensure success.


The Power gem increases the strength of any character that holds it, and it boosts the power of the other gems as well. You can increase your buying power by improving your credit score. In order to improve it, however, you first need to know it. You can view your FICO® score at any time by logging in to free online banking from America First. After that, paying your bills on time, reducing your debt and correcting any errors you find on your credit report will slowly, but surely, increase your score.


In the movies, Dr. Strange uses the Time stone to travel to the past and the future. While we can’t predict the future, investing your money in a certificate account is a safe and easy way to grow your funds. And the longer you set the terms of your certificate, the better the rate of return will be. It takes patience to leave funds untouched for an extended period, but the benefits of compound interest are worth the wait.


The elusive Soul stone gives Marvel characters control over other people’s lives. In real life, donating your money to charitable causes lets you influence others’ lives and help the world be a better place. Additionally, there are financial benefits that come from donating to charity. Donated cash, as well as the value of clothing, furniture, vehicles and more can be deducted from your tax return.

Once you have acquired all of these financial gems, you may not have all the power in the universe, but you’ll find that you have much more control over your money. You’ll be spending less, saving more and feeling much more confident about your decisions.