How To Transfer Your Credit Card Balance in Three Easy Steps

If your credit cards have unreasonably high rates and you’re paying more than you earn, it’s time for you to transfer those balances to America First. You can even consolidate multiple cards into one, easy-to-manage account.

We offer unlimited cash back, no annual fees, and some of the lowest rates in the nation. Plus, it’s simple to switch.

Step 1: Open your Visa® account

If you already have a Visa credit card from America First, you’re ready to begin. If not, it’s easy to apply for one.

Step 2: Get a cashier’s check

After determining how much you’ll need to pay on your other accounts, talk to an America First representative at a branch or call our member service department. We’ll cut a check from your Visa balance for the amount you owe, which will be payable to that financial institution. Don’t transfer the balance from your Visa to checking yourself or you’ll be charged a cash-advance fee—we waive that fee when cashier’s check are used.

Step 3: Pay off your other card

We’ll give you a check for the full amount or mail it directly to any address you request.

And, just like that, your balance is now on your America First Visa Platinum and you’ll benefit from lower rates, fewer fees & greater rewards.