John lund

The Value of Positive Relationships

John LundBy John B. Lund, President and Chief Executive Officer

During my youth, the holidays and Christmas were modest, yet memorable times. It is a meaningful life lesson for me in reflecting back that I remember very few specific gifts. However, the inspiring sights, the wonderful scents, the delicious foods, and the fun I had with friends and family are precious, vivid recollections that stay with me to this day.

When she was preparing for the season, my mother made fantastic meals that would be enjoyed not just at one sitting, but for days thereafter. My favorites included macaroni & shrimp salad, three-bean salad, ham, rolls, cheeses, and her fabulous potato salad. Her date nut loaf was a much-anticipated dessert.

My dad enjoyed decorating our home, both inside and out. Creating this festive atmosphere in the outdoors was a big project that took considerable time. And I’m sure his having to keep after me to help slowed down our progress. When complete, the site was absolutely beautiful, especially after a fresh storm, with the lights showing through the snow and reflecting off the icicles.

To enhance the holidays even further, he built an outdoor speaker system so that passersby could listen to Christmas music. He played vinyl records on our hi-fi stereo from greats such as Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, the Andrews Sisters, Johnny Mathis & Andy Williams. I treasure these wonderful classics to this day.

All of my parents’ efforts to make these occasions special were put forth in the spirit of love and selflessness. In the process, long-term relationships and precious memories were developed and strengthened.

It’s truly the positive connection with others that enriches our lives in a relevant and enduring manner. While the relationships we at America First have with you as members can’t be quite this intimate, we do strive to make our services personal, meaningful, and lasting.

On behalf of our entire team of volunteers and staff, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Please remember to pick up your free 2017 calendar at any of our branches. We thank you for your membership and look forward to a lifelong relationship in serving you and your family.