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America First Credit Union Allows Members To Access FICO Score Via Online Banking

Riverdale, Utah – America First Credit Union now offers members the ability to access a FICO® Score within its Online Banking portal. Dedicated to its mission of helping members develop and maintain financial well-being, the new tool allows a snapshot of a member’s financial position, providing an enhanced understanding of the score and its benefits.

In efforts to continuously offer the latest technologies and advancements for members, the tool builds on the way members interact with the credit union. A FICO® Score allows lenders to gauge credit risk quickly, consistently and objectively assess how likely a member is to m
eet financial obligations, considering what they have borrowed and paid back.

“Knowing your FICO® Score is an important part of achieving a favorable financial position,” said Rich Syme, America First Credit Union Executive Vice President. “This is yet another tool we offer that will help our members choose credit wisely, establish repayment goals and establish overall financial well-being.”

Earlier this month, America First unveiled a newly-launched website, which boasts a modern look and feel, along with updated features, enhanced functionality, security and a responsive design. The Online Banking portal is easily navigable, helping to make financial goals accessible for members and potential members no matter how they choose to access the website – via a personal computer, smartphone or tablet.

FICO® Scores will be updated on a quarterly basis. Members must have a checking account or loan product to be considered eligible. The score shown is for the primary member only.

For additional information and FAQ’s, please visit resources available via the links below:

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