Guest Commentary: The New Online and Mobile Banking Experience

Rich Syme
Rich Syme – Chief Growth & Digital Transformation Officer

By Rich Syme, Executive Vice President & Contact Center Delivery, Product Management

It’s a bit cliché, but to say technology evolves quickly might be the understatement of the century. In my role overseeing our digital services, I can see this transformation up close. It’s incredible and, honestly, a little overwhelming just how rapidly change comes to the ways in which we engage with the world and each other. Of special importance to me is the effect such advancement has on day-to-day money management.

A central goal is empowering America First members, providing them with the ability to handle their finances in the manner they find most beneficial, meaningful, and convenient. That’s why we’re excited about launching new online & mobile banking upgrades. These enhancements, and those on the way,are meant to make your experience better, easier, and more personal.

Online banking features a streamlined design and increased browser responsiveness, including when you’re using a mobile device it’s complete functionality, even on the go. You can add two-step authentication to strengthen security, while your histories will show balances after pending transactions clear. Plus, a new widget brings up a complete picture of where your money is going and how your budget stands. The platform also allows us to seamlessly integrate future benefits & advantages, so we’ll be sure to let you know as we roll them out.

With our new mobile banking app, it’s simple to maintain your financial well-being, 24/7. We designed it with an improved user-friendly interface, as well as additional customizable options. There are biometric logins for devices with that function, you’ll be able to deposit checks without going to a branch, and you can include accounts from other financial institutions in budget and spending overviews.

Of course, mobile banking delivers the protection of Card Guard, truly an amazing app for iOS and Android. As someone who’s spent considerable time singing its praises, my pitch boils down to this: Card Guard® allows members to control when, where, and how Visa® debit and credit cards are used.

It’s an incredibly powerful tool, letting you turn cards on and off in real time. If you lose a card, or just want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Visa can’t be used until you’re ready for it, switch it off with a single tap. You can also set transaction limits based on amount, geographic location, and merchant or transaction type. It even lets you disable cards automatically when they’re not close to your mobile device. When Card Guard is installed, you’ll receive alerts about when, where, and for how much your card was used. It also informs you of declined transactions due to suspicious activity. In essence, Card Guard is security you control.

Online & mobile banking from America First can help you make the most of every moment and every dollar. These upgrades are the result of untold hours of thought and dedication, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of them. I’m privileged to witness firsthand the passion and commitment our digital services team has for finding, creating, and developing innovative ways for you to pursue your unique financial dreams, in the way that best fits your life and lifestyle.