Handing out 10,000 dollars in scholarships, Karl Winsness earns High 5 award

High 5 - Handing Out Scholarships

Nomination letter sent in by Felicia McClure:

I would like to nominate Karl Winsness for a High 5 award, because Karl has started a scholarship for children who have parents that are incarcerated, or who are habitually incarcerated.

The scholarship has been mostly funded by Karl himself, he reaches out to get donations, but usually doesn’t have much luck.

Karl says children are the forgotten victims of crime. When their parents get locked up who do they have, usually no one. And they end up following in the same foot steps as their parents. This scholarship gives children the chance to do something different.

It is not based on grades, the children write an essay on how their parents have affected them and submit the essay.

The Community Foundation of Utah handles all the money for the scholarship.

He has been doing this for over three years and has awarded at least two scholarships, I believe each year. ( I’m not exactly sure how many he has awarded)

Karl is an ex-convict himself and while incarcerated he decided to do something to help when he got out. This is how Willy the Plumber Scholarship was created.

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