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When it comes to finding the right merchant services provider, many business owners think the most important factor is low processing rates. However, there are many other aspects that come into play. Here are some critical features to consider.


Live, immediate support at any hour of the day is essential because you don’t want to wait for an email reply if your terminal goes down. Your provider should be there when you set things up and remain available for troubleshooting down the road.


It is imperative to protect your business and your customers from data breaches. Make sure your merchant services come with payment card industry (PCI) security standards. PCI protection plans keep you compliant and secure.

Simple agreements

Long-term contracts may seem like a great deal at first, with initially low rates and leases for terminals. However, they also tend to include early-termination penalties and other hidden fees. A month-to-month contract with no lease agreement is the best way to go.

Fair rates

If the advertised rate seems too good to be true, it probably is. Take time to discuss pricing solutions with your potential provider and ask about multiple options. If yours is a business that processes $200 a month, for instance, you don’t want to be under the same structure as one that does $250,000 a month.


At America First, support is our top priority. We offer 24-hour live service, one-on-one training, installation assistance, continuing education and high-quality member care. And we have a variety of PCI protection plans with coverage options to fit your specific needs.

With our merchant services, you won’t have to worry about long-term contracts, hidden fees & early-termination penalties. Our hardware is reasonably priced, our rates are competitive, and we’re always available to discuss any issues of concern. Visit for additional details or contact our experts at (801) 827-2614