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Security Update: What if Fraud Strikes?

Although fraud and identity theft can occur to anyone at any time, there are solid steps you can take to reduce the recovery time if you unfortunately become a victim:

•Contact all three agencies for copies of your credit report. You may order one for free at You can also visit these agencies individually: TransUnion here or via 1-800-680-7289; Experian or at 1-888-397-3742; Equifax, 1-880-525-6285.

Then review your reports carefully according to the outline below:

  • Recognize all accounts listed and confirm that the balances are in line with your records.
  • Determine the legitimacy of persons and entities requesting or receiving a copy of your report.
  • Search the inquiries for loans or accounts for which you did not apply. (If you find one, this may be a sign that an identity thief has fraudulently opened it in your name).
  • Confirm there are no addresses listed for places you have never lived.
  • Check that all this information is consistent across the bureaus.

If there is false or suspicious information, contact these credit agencies immediately. If something is concerning about a particular creditor, you will want to contact that company directly.

And be sure to visit this link to see how we’re working to provide you with enhanced security.